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I’ve started Hej Stylus! back in 2016 and since then things got a bit crazy in my world. What started as a simple tool to improve my linework has become a nifty tool for illustrators, graphic/product/3d/ designers, for well known game companies and for mayor film companies not only in LA. I’ve hired a few programmers and am now running with Joeri Bultheel for almost the whole time. He is the brain behind the algos, I’m doing the rest. We’re constantly improving Hej Stylus! to this day. :D



Since 2014 I nurture my obsession for Photoshop brushes. It started out with a simple marker set emulating COPIC-Markers. Now I am hosting 750+ brushes for Photoshop and roughly 600 Illustrator brushes.

Screenshot 1211.png