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Edited by Slanted

ROOOOAAAARRRR! The first MONSTERBOX has been published!
MONSTERBOX is a collection of outstanding monster-Illustrations from all over the world. Each illustration is printed on thick cardboard with three different spot colours. All in all 150 cards are presented in a high quality box. On the front side of each card an illustration, name and url of the illustrator as well as information about the spot-colour-combination is displayed. The backside of the card is blank, so that it can be used for notes or messages. 
The highlight: By producing each card with three different spot colours you can use them as colour samples which show how different colors can look like depending on their use and which effect can be achieved by overprinting. And if you have enough information you can just pull off the monster itself at the perforation.
All illustrators presented in the box followed a preceded Call for Entries in March 2014 and have submitted numerous fantastic monsters from all over the world illustrated with diverse techniques. 150 monsters are finally included in MONSTERBOX which come from Australia, Belgium, Canada, Cuba, Finland, France, Germany, Israel, Mexico, The Netherlands, Poland, South Korea, Switzerland, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom and USA.
The perfect gift for MONSTER-lovers!

Publisher: Slanted / MAGMA Brand Design
Editors: Lars Harmsen, Julia Kahl
Projekt Manager, Design, Cover Illustration: Clemens Hartmann
Release: May 2014
Format: 7,5 x 12 x 7,5 cm
Volume: Box with 150 cards
Specials: Fully printed with HKS spot colors, perforation
Material: Invercote G, 330 g/qm
Price: 9,90 Euro
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