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Whoops! What just happened?

I've just noticed that the last blog entry is a while back – so I'll try covering this.
In November Hej Stylus! -  my Mac Application - went the into its second round of production.
I've revamped the Website, made a new icon, created the video series on Hej Stylus! and cared upon the customer's needs (support) and did the PR for Hej Stylus!. Phew!
I also worked as usual – so I've paused the less important things (?) like this blog. 

So here's a little introduction to the V2.0 of Hej Stylus!:

Hej Stylus! V2.0

Hej Stylus! V2.0


Hej Stylus! – a system-wide Mac Application – serves now as a control center for the smoothing of all stylus features such as position, pressure, tilt and rotation. It has a built in function to control how the applied pressure is transferred to your art-application as well it provides shareable presets.

Check out the video:

I'm hoping that this tech is helping emerging digital artists as well as the seniors of this business. 

So back to business. Hej Stylus! will roll alone for a while now and I'll be focussing completely on my work..



Hej Stylus! is alive!

My first application for mac is online now - and it comes with a trial.

What good does that do?

Hej Stylus! makes your cursor behave like a flexible brush - for example a pin striping brush. The effect varies with the chosen radius – from dangling out little dents in your lineart to knocking out any movement that is not your main moving vector.

For Whom is it?

There are a lot job profiles involved - basically everyone who works with freehand drawing or uses freehand strokes drawn by tablet or even mouse to manipulate images. Use Hej Stylus! in 2D pixel or vector software or even in 3D tools - there are simply no limitations.

Visit for more info about this unique and fun piece of software.